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bitey puppy challenges

Definitely struggling a bit here in puppy land. It's been frustrating, we're working with her a lot but it's tough.

The issue we have is with biting. I know this is a normal puppy thing... in fact when you type "how to get your puppy" into Google it autocompletes "how to get your puppy to stop biting"! But even if it's normal I'm still pretty mad that she kinda sunk a tooth into my wrist yesterday. She tries to eat the baby's head, and that was like the one criteria that we told the humane society... we need a dog that doesn't eat babies! Well, this one eats babies. Not aggressively, she obviously thinks she's playing and we're all having fun, except we're not having fun.

I can play with her if I'm armed with a toy I can cram in her face, she'll chew on it instead of me for a bit. She does like toys. She's not very good at fetch because she gets distracted on the way to go get a ball if it's more than, like, 15 feet away, but I don't think you can diagnose a puppy with ADHD so we keep the play in close and it works.

I tried to act really hurt and sad about being bitten, that worked once but only once. I tried giving her an ice cube, we've tried a couple kinds of treats, she doesn't seem to care. Our neighbor observed that she's not very food-motivated. I read that beagles are food motivated, but I also read that beagles are oblivious to the outside world sometimes too, maybe that's the conflict.

When she gets totally out of control we have to throw her in the crate or throw her outside. I just don't know what else to do sometimes.

She's good at the housetraining thing, I'll give her that. I think her foster family must have helped us there. We're kinda cheating, it's been nice out lately, so she's been outside a lot. At night she's in her crate. In the morning she barks or whines to let us know "okay, it's been long enough in here" and we let her out. She comes in and out throughout the day, usually takes long naps in her crate. She only averages about 2 hours a day of "wandering around inside the house" time, and she's closely watched if she's really wandering around. We mean for her to be an inside dog but she's gotta learn not to bite my feet if I'm cooking, that sort of thing.

My official strategies are:
1) Play with her every day
2) Shove toys in her mouth when she's biting
3) Praise her for chewing on toys
4) Do my best to be patient

But I'll welcome advice, as I am clearly new to the business here.
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