Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

I just proposed to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (thanks to @KS_NOW)

Governor Sam Brownback wants to reduce the number of single moms and children living in poverty. So he's increasing access to birth control, continuing to fund organizations that provide health care to women, and ensuring the availability of living wage jobs, right? LOLZ NO THAT'D BE SILLY!

He's telling single moms to just get married already, that'd solve all their problems! He's funding counseling that encourages unwed parents to marry, and waving marriage license fees.

Luckily Kansas National Organization of Women is a group of ladies with a sense of humor (we kinda have to be) so we're sending ringpops to the governor... marry me Sam! They're sending one from me, oh yes... just in case the hubby I am blessed with keels over, I'll rush right into another marriage, that'll solve my childcare issues fo' sho'.

You can send one too, from

With every ring comes a proposal of course... mainly we're proposing that our Governor stop senseless crap. Every time I read a story about this guy I think, "This is ridiculous, surely someone's just making it up," but they never are.
Tags: kansas, politics
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