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hungry brains

I think about dancing a lot differently than I used to since I read up on brain development. That Lise Eliot book had this section about why babies love to be bounced around, and basically it comes down to the fact that baby brains are constantly looking for input. They're like robot Johnny 5. Motion is just another form of input to the brain. We think about five senses... smell, touch, taste, vision, hearing... but motion is basically another sense.

I see people dancing now and think of them as brains! Everyone just completing the experience, like smelling wine before you taste it, or seeing something and wanting to touch it, we hear something and want to feel it with another sense.

Josie seems naturally drawn to dance. We've got video of her bouncing to a beat from when she was seven months old. I don't know if she was actually on the beat based on hearing it, or the songs she likes just happen to match her natural rhythm, which sort of made me wonder about that on behalf of all of us.

This week she started trying to spin herself around. It's a little awkward of course, she can't spin all the way around and she falls down a lot, but she wants to do it. She picked up on it herself, we don't do a lot of random spinning to music, she just assumed that if she can get some momentum going on her top half and weight shifted correctly on her bottom half, it'll be fun. And it goes with music, she only tries it when there's music. She has two favorite kinds: the A-B-C song that her little frog sings and, because Marc is her father, UK hard house.
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