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laptop still okay

So the power adapter on my powerbook is a little touchy, right? If it's not in at just the right angle, the light is dim and my laptop dies shortly after... it has about three minutes. I don't want to buy a new battery because the charger fits so poorly and the thing is seven years old, so what's the point? I already bought a new charger once... $80! Didn't help.

Then last night the laptop just dies, I realize the charger isn't lit up, I put it in and jiggle it around and can't find a good angle at all. Nothing, not even a blink. I bend the circle a little. No luck. I sort of looked at marc and just shoved my laptop under the couch. I was like "I think it's finally really dead." He picked it up and tried to plug it in, no luck. We looked at macbooks on craigslist.

Well this morning I come downstairs and Marc's like, "I fixed your laptop!" It's there charging happily. He's said the power strip wasn't on... realized it when he couldn't charge his laptop either. Sometimes the baby gets to it, the switch lights up and she thinks that's cool, or maybe we just kicked it. Who knows.

Anyway it was one of those "how's that electrical engineering degree working out for ya?" moments for me where I just felt REALLY stupid... but Marc and I both had to laugh about how we expect this laptop to just randomly not make it someday. Neither of us were capable of basic troubleshooting because the immediate diagnosis was "this thing has lived a long life!" And I'm so used to it just not charging because the cord doesn't fit, I don't think to check the other end. It screws with me!

I like this computer. I'm proud that it's been going strong since 2004. I just want to be realistic about the situation, right?
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