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kid update

First off, I'm gonna be sure to tag these entries because I realize not everybody wants to read about the status of my kid, but I'm not going to set up a friends filter because I don't like the "opt-in"-ness of those. But I've learned lately that lj does have an "opt-out" system: tag filters! The "modify friend" page on livejournal has it, and it's awesome. If you don't want to read my entries about spacebaby, motherhood, childbirth etc just filter them out. Coolness? And yes, I realize I should call her "spacetoddler" now but let's face it nothing lasts forever, and she's still a baby in many ways.

Anyway! Josie is 15 months old.

She's not talking, really, but sometimes she says things that make me think. Like I swear last night, when she brought me my sandals to go outside, the jibberish sounded a lot like "Here's your shoes!" But it's complicated because "shoes" sounds a lot like this generic word she says for everything, a cross between "choose", "juice", "jess", "diss" that we hear all the time. And she has such inflection in what she says, you can hear her questioning, protesting, exclaiming, story-telling, singing... none of it with English words in any way, shape or form. But your mind wants to line up the words.

Like, I think she calls marc "daddy"... but I think she also calls me "daddy" so that doesn't work. I think she says "bye bye" but it's hard to get her to do it on cue. She makes noises that we understand. She loves playing with this spray bottle I have with water that I'd use for ironing, and when she sees it she gets all excited and goes "sss sss! sss sss!". She copied the sound of the redi-whip can in one go, I gave her a tiny bit with her pancake, she giggled, and now I have to use it when she's not looking. But I still see her run in the kitchen going "ckhhh! ckhhh!" deep in her throat, just like the can.

She's latching onto sign language like crazy. You can pretty much make a hand gesture, and she'll repeat it, and in a matter of days with repitition she'll know what it is. She's always signed for milk but now she has her own version of apple (wrist twisting), diaper (just points to random parts of herself), more, all done, please and thank you. She tries to keep up with the "itsy bitsy spider" song.

We taught her to stomp. She lifts her whole leg up dramatically in the air, so high that if she's not holding onto something she falls over, and stomps her foot on the ground as hard as she can, and it makes this tiny "pat". It's not very intimidating.

We taught her how to make a mean face. We have not been successful in making a happy face. She's happy so much of the time it's a hard thing to queue up independently.

She makes her little toys walk, loves throwing stuff down the stairs, is mystified with the laundry chute and wants to be held up constantly so she can look down it.

She's about to have 16 teeth. Her lower canines are coming in now. It really makes her look like a kid, it's almost weird. One more set of molars and she'll have all her teeth.

She's obsessed with water. On most evenings we go outside, I fill up my watering can from the rain barrel, water the plants with her close by me holding various cups for me to put water in. The other half of the watering can is just for her to play with then, I sit in a chair and read, she comes to me for water. I put barely an inch in a cup she's holding, then she walks off and pours it into another cup or on the ground or in a plant, and that's outside play for a good half hour or longer. She learned quickly that I wasn't going to let her play with the rainwater if she was going to drink it, so now she just accepts that inside water is for drinking, water from the watering can isn't.
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