Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

got an iphone

I got an iphone.

The last time I saw my trusty motorola RAZR I was texting my sister while sitting in the shuttle from KCI to economy airport parking. I thought I put it in my pocket. The battery was fully charged and it was on ring. When we got close to Topeka we called it... no sound anywhere in the car. I got a bad feeling. We looked through our bags, kept calling it, emailed KCI to see if anyone had found it, no luck.

I feel bad because I was just telling someone how I'd been thinking of getting a new phone, and when Josie had thrown the RAZR in the bathtub the other night I thought finally my chance had come. But dammit if that thing didn't just dry right out and start up the next morning like nothing had happened. Poor phone probably heard me talking and decided to jump ship.

The RAZR was in perfect working order and kept me from needing a data plan... I held out a long time. Why pay for internet on my phone when I already buy it at home? Marc has an iphone with a $25 data plan, which I told him was funny because I'm the one with a full time job. His response: "yeah and I'm the one who's NOT CHEAP."

The thing I'm sad about is that I don't have the razr for Josie to play with, she just adored that phone, it was easy to flip open and the buttons made noise. Unfortunately this got me into some bad situations, because "key lock" features on flip phones tend to be odd and buried so my keys were never locked and I was always finding Josie with my phone, grabbing it from her and realizing she'd called someone or deleted something or gotten into the "initial setup" menu. At 14 months the kid has an uncanny ability to find things I never knew existed in electronic devices.

She has her own ipod touch so she never cared much about marc's iphone, but when I got my razr out I pretty much couldn't talk on it, she wanted to play with it so bad. Having an iphone will make my phone use easier, I have that going for me. But no razr for Josie.

Second downside to losing the razr: lost contacts. The iphone is starting from 0, and now has three: marc, my mom, my dad. No friends. Combined with the fact that ms a moved away last week, this makes me really feel like I have no friends.

Anyway it was cheap, I got the 3G model. It'll be easy to charge since marc has one, it's always nice when we have phones that use the same chargers, it's happened like twice in our relationship. I was feeling bad at work when coworkers would be sharing pictures of their families, whipping out phones with photos stored, and I had the background of my RAZR to work with. And print photos! Yeah I felt ghetto, and behind the times, and when you work in a technical industry it's not cool to be behind the times, you make it look like you're unaware of these newfangled devices.
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