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buffalo trip

This week we went to Buffalo, NY. We had to get Marc's seneca nation registration up to date, he had to be there IN PERSON, it's annoying but the trip turned out really fun. It looks like we might have to do this every few years so we got some good ideas for next time.

Anyway here's the rundown of what we did, and a few photos:

Flew Southwest airlines, I'd been afraid that we'd have an issue because I didn't have Josie's birth certificate but they just asked for "something with her birthday on it", and I'd brought a hospital certificate they gave us with her footprints, for cuteness. It worked.

Arrived in Buffalo around 10am. Rented a Nissan Murano. Decided we love this car. Am I getting old and parent-y, that I feel like I need more space to ride around in? We could have our seats all the way back and still not run into Josie's car seat, much unlike our Honda Fit.

Drove to Irving, NY to visit the Seneca Nation office. Filled out paperwork, Marc got an ID card, visited library. Really cool sense of community, buildings were very nice and new. Got a lunch spot recommendation from the office ladies.

Lunch at Cabana Sam's at Sunset Bay. Sunset bay is a gorgeous beach, lots of little cabins around to rent. Maybe next time! Josie got a frizbee with her kids meal. I had a crab cake sandwich and it was amazing.

(Josie does this thing now when we get the camera out, she has to crouch down. She thinks that's what you do for photos. We found out it's because we usually crouch down to take pictures of her. It cracks me up.)

Drove back to Buffalo and had some naptime in the hotel.

Dinner at Pearl Street Brewery downtown. Had to pay $6 for parking ("event night") but the beer was AMAZING. Pizza was pretty good.

Walked around Delaware Park and let Josie play on the playgrounds.

Drove up north to the Niagara aquarium. It wasn't huge but it was pretty neat.

Went to see Niagara falls, America style. I've seen it from the Canadian side and heard that from the American side it's a real letdown, but honestly it was still pretty awesome, and I loved watching the rapids. You get to be really close to some really fast water flowing towards the falls.

Lunch at the Seneca-Niagara Casino. Marc got us a helluva discount on his card. We went to the burger place. They gave me some kind of sweet gravy-like substance to dip my sweet potato fries in and it was awesome.

Drove back to buffalo, tried to get Josie to nap at the hotel but I guess she was okay with car naps, so we went to the Science Museum. It was really cool, but we totally missed that they have a special little kid/toddler area until we were practically getting kicked out. They close at 4. That's a sucky early time to close. Anyway I learned that dinosaurs have tails so they can turn quickly, it helped them balance when moving fast. Cool! The DaVinci exhibit about machinary elements was really impressive, with very informed volunteers.


Dinner was at Duff's for famous buffalo wings. We also had fries, cheese sticks, and onion rings. Not exactly healthy. Wings were good, I'm not used to them being that crispy.

Flew home the next morning at 4 am. Drove to Topeka for some time with my sister. We went to the new Topeka Discovery center, a hands-on place for kids, and I was really impressed. Josie ran around for over three hours playing with toys. Worth it for adults too I'd say. Marc and I got props from the staff for playing with the exhibits along with our child instead of just sitting back and being uninvolved... I didn't tell them that our child was a mere formality, we just really like science toys.

Ate at Via's pizza. Bad storms at night took the power out for a while. Heading home pretty soon here.

More photos:
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