Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

planetary satellites and sci-fi

I told marc I'd read somewhere that most solar systems consist of more than one star. Two stars intertwined is a really common arrangement. And along those lines it's weird that the Earth only has one moon. Jupiter has like 60 something, so what's up? I feel like we got jipped in this department... only one sun and one moon.

He says we didn't get jipped, we have life. I said yeah but it's lonely life. He paused and said, "I've got you!"

That's not what I meant :)

But while on the topic, I brought up this bad feeling I have that someday after we've blown ourselves to bits we will be found by an alien race, and they'll find our toy space aliens and Star Trek epsisodes and think that's so incredibly sad. Like we were so lonely in the galaxy we had to make up imaginary friends, like Tom Hanks and that volleyball on Castaway. "They wanted so much to dream that someone would come visit them"...
Tags: science
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