Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the buying game

Someone wonderful gave me a mall gift certificate for graduation, so today I went with my sister to the mall to spend it. It was for $50, and I spent $120. Whoh, where did that come from? My sister said it was okay though because I had more graduation money at home and deserved some shopping after a semester of spending about nothing. Good idea!

Besides, some of that stuff was quite necessary. Spent $30 on bras... I mean, that's just not something you can do without every day. Spent $80 on two outfits (sale!) at NYCO, and one of the outfits is very job-interview ready. Spent $15 on an impractical but very cute halter top. Spent $15 on a present for Mom because this monet cutting board she's wanted was on sale. I hope she doesn't change her mind and want the Renoir now. Just realized in this paragraph that I spent a bit more than $120. Oh, just don't add it up.

Our mall has a Delia's now! I felt like I was IN the catalog -- v. weird!

Buying things really does make me feel good about life though, in some sad materialistic way. I spent a lot for an unemployed girl, but I do think I deserved it. Also saw an adorable blue Pontiac Firebird on the way home and started coveting it, which is good because I'll need to buy a car sometime in the next 12 months probably and that will require getting over my general disinterest in them all. Will have to ask car-caring persons in my life if Firebirds are worth anything. Kinda like Sunfires, too. hmmm.

Oops, forgot to include purchase of cute wal-mart flip-flops: $5. I love flip-flops.
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