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Raspberry Jam (1995)

In the mid-90s there was this radio station, 105.9 the Lazer (KLZR!) out of Lawrence that played alternative. Lots of really really good alternative, and local stuff, and weird stuff, and college music. And like most radio stations they were bought up by some corporate assholes who changed their format to top 40 so they could play the same tripe as everyone and radio was ruined and that's why we all listen to Pandora now.

But back to the 90s... when The Lazer was cool they had a Sunday morning christian program, oh yes, that was an hour or two of Christian Alternative. Jars of Clay was almost crossing over to the mainstream back then, but all the other bands were fairly obscure. There was this one song I adored that I'd almost forgotten about until Pandora, so I searched for the band but couldn't find it. Apparently female-lead-vocalist-early-90s-Christian-grunge isn't a genre that everyone's reminiscing about.

So that's why I wanted to mention this. The band: Raspberry Jam. The album: Oceanic.

My favorite song on the album:

I had it on tape.

It's a shame they named themselves something so ungoogleable, and there's almost no information on them now. I feel like some bands are just victims of being around in the time Before The Internet. Nowadays an obscure group that breaks out at least gets a Wikipedia page, and there they shall live forever, right? We live in lucky times.

Or do we? I miss the Lazer.
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