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warning label mug

Oh good livejournal's back.

So per miss_colombina's suggestion, I designed this:

warning label mug front
warning label mug back

The warning label mug, to protect you about evils! I even included my favorite warning, related to my favorite "pregnant women should not..." warning: "do not fill this mug with peanuts if you are allergic to peanuts."

You know, I didn't realize this, but I make nearly $70 a month lately from cafepress. It's almost all from people who go to the main cafepress website looking for stuff, not my website, which surprised me because for a long time I figured promoting your store and being popular would get you noticed. Not so. Try as I might I've never had a lot of website sales, it's just sort of there as a formality.

The trick is to have like 200 designs and something, somehow, will stick. When I made my store about, with useless blobs and planets, nothing really hit. But the thing with a premium store (which costs me $5 a month) is that you can just crank out designs whenever you're inspired to do so, and the store doesn't have to be about anything. That's why I guess I've got activity in there.

My top selling design by far is this sparkly rainbow. Do not ask me why it's so popular, I have no idea. I personally own no products with this design, but every month 10-15 items get sold.

The second highest selling is the t-shirt I made for DJs that says "Please avoid saying something stupid such as 'When are you going to play hip hop?'"

Contrast, huh?
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