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I decided to be spacefem on google plus, not my real name. The reason I used my real name on facebook was that I didn't want coworkers knowing I'm spacefem, but as it turns out they're not really all that interesting to be facebook friends with. The people I like hearing from on social networks are the ones who think my internet self is cool.

So that's the glimmer in the google+ thing for me. New social networks always make me feel the same way media formats do... in fact I think I sent my VHS tapes to goodwill around the same time I deleted my myspace account. You know how it is. The kids who were never on anything before facebook don't blink about new big social networks, just like they run out and buy blu-rays. But some of us remember six degrees, and friendster. And some of us listened to records, then had to buy tapes, then CDs.

In other news, I finally fulfilled part of my new years resolution to sell some crafty stuff on etsy. This is stuff I've made for fun or as an experiment or a gift, then wasn't sure what the hell to do with it after all. So I'm experimenting.
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