Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

i wake up every morning to the sound of birds

Okay, so every morning I've been here so far the parakeets have woken me up. Today it was at like 7:30. I go in and let them out of their cage because that's the only way they'll shut up, but I'm thinking that may be positively reinforcing the whole chirping loudly for fun thing. Then I think that they're parakeets so their little brains can't link the two together for reinforcement. Then I think maybe we should just let them have fly around the office 24-7 and really not worry about it. Who knows?

Yesterday, I unpacked. That was it. Today I think I'm going to leave the house to go shopping. Oh, and work on my resume. I applied for a job yesterday and had to spend like an hour revamping the resume for it, it was a disaster. I also took lots of naps yesterday because I was very tired for some reason.
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