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My sister's birthday was this week. I picked out some fabric I knew she'd like, brown with these little chirpy birds and peace signs, and made her a neat tote bag to fill with gifts. I sent it priority mail, she called and said thanks, and told me that apparently she'd just picked out the SAME FABRIC at their JoAnn's in town to make a curtain, weeks ago before she'd seen or knew about the tote I was making her.

It cracked me up, we're always doing stuff like that. Our favorite story is from when we took that trip to St. Louis in 2004 or so? We got to our hotel to change and I was unpacking and said, "I was so excited about this trip I bought these new cute black sandals!" And she'd bought them too. Same brand. We live in different cities, shop at different stores, we're just sort of nerdy like that I guess. Oh, and we way too often both go shopping both sporting queenbee purses or threadless t-shirts, and someone will ask where one of us got that cute bag and realize that the other one's bag looks strangely similar. oops.

So anyway, happy birthday to that crazy girl this week.

In other news, Marc & I took Josie to the county fair yesterday and had a blast. We go to the state fair a lot, but I've never been to the county one, and it was more than worth the 45 minute drive. Yeah it was hot but it was shady and breezy in the exhibition buildings. We walked around the barns in the morning and looked at the pigs, goats, sheep, ducks & chickens, rabbits of unusual size, etc. It was free to go walk around and we weren't interested in carnival rides... besides food the only thing we paid for was $3 for Josie to go in the petting zoo. She liked it but there was a goat really trying to eat her clothes. I think her favorite animal was the little horse.

The food was similar to the state fair... hell, I'd say the whole thing was similar to the state fair, just smaller and less expensive. We bought a turkey leg, lots of fresh lemonade, funnel cake and a pronto pup (which is a corn dog, but a local especially delicious variety that deserves its own brand callout).

This is the second county fair I've been too. Little known trivia about me... when I was a teenager, I won second place at the women's division of the Chautauqua county fair cowchip throwing contest. I was torqued that I didn't win first, because it would have been $10. I don't remember how many other women were participating. Not many. It takes determination to knowingly put your hands on poop, regardless of how close you are to soap and water or the fact that the cowchips were dry enough to be rocks.

Good times, all that.
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