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Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Thursday since I had the day off we went to Tanganyika wildlife park out in Goddard. We love local zoo so much we've got a season pass and go like every week, so we figured we'd try a change.

Tanganyika is about 1/8 the size of the Sedgwick County Zoo, but $13 instead of $12. They make a big deal on their brochure about how they're one of the few privately-run zoos in the country and receive no public funding, which seems almost like a political stance against taxpayer dollars for zoos, and it turned me off. I think zoos are in the public interest, they're educational, they should be public. So maybe I went in with that bias.

So anyway, after dropping what I think is a lot of money for something you stroll through in 45 minutes, we walked around on a 90 degree day in a park with almost NO shade. The place is 10 years old but it looks like they maybe planted trees last year or something. It's just so hot.

And yes, you can feed lemurs and birds but all that costs a few bucks extra at every stop and most of the animals seemed to zonked out from the hot afternoon to want to eat. So we opted out. And if you're not paying to feed animals they ask you to stay on the paths and not touch them.

We did get to pet bunnies, tortoises and guinea pigs and that was fun. Josie wanted to spend more time playing with the gravel but that's just the age she's at. The staff was friendly. There's a big playground in the middle, I bet older kids could spend some time there.

But as far as zoo experiences go I wasn't impressed. I read some reviews online and some people said the size was really nice, they only want to see 20 animals when they go to a zoo or they feel overwhelmed. So I guess if that's how you feel you'll enjoy Tanganyika.
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