Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

life in a box

I went to Mikey's last night for fun and science fiction movies, namely star trek. There were like five people there and we had some trouble agreeing which ones to watch, and my favorites (first contact!) were not in stock, so we watched The Undiscovered Country (quite good) and Generations (not quite as good) and Return of the Jedi (what? star trek? yeah.)

Steve provided some excellent stuffed pizza which I'd never tried before but was happy with. We called it all a late pseudo -birthday party.

After we got done it was like 3 a.m. and I remembered that my house key was still packed, so my parents had probably locked me out. I would if I were them anyway. So I just stayed there and drove back this morning at like nine. Got home and there was one bagel to eat for breakfast... whole wheat. Ewe! Then got to unpacking. I'm never going to win that battle.

Yesterday Netscape was being annoying so I put Mozilla on Dad's computer. Way different! Love it! For whatever reason, IE has never been able to handle the DSL (detecting proxy settings...) which is just fine with me. Today I'm trying to make the computer freeze because it hasn't yet in like 24 hours... something must be wrong.

Need to take college address off resume. This will totally screw with layout I worked so hard on. Sigh.
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