Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

sick weekend

So Marc and I got food poisoning over the weekend, it was awful, we both woke up around midnight Sunday when it hit us and spent the next 12 hours being, well, poisoned.

I have no idea how we got it. It didn't hit the baby at all, which is interesting because she eats almost everything we eat.

There were some leftover black beans from lunchtime Wednesday that we ate Sunday... within the FDA-recommended four day limit on leftovers! And she ate the taco meat that had been sitting right next to them in the same dish. But still, they could be a culprit I guess.

The only other thing was lettuce. We eat salads, she doesn't really have the molars for that yet.

Third possibility is rotovirus... I'm not sure how common it is, but these days infants are vaccinated against it. It's a relatively recent addition to the vaccine list. Jo's had hers, I know. Adults are better at toughing it out so the vaccine is only for kids. If we got that, it would naturally skip her.

Anyway, Monday we watched "World's Greatest Dad", it stars Robin Williams as this miserable father to an awful problem teen who dies in an embarrassing accident. His dad decides to forge some writings so his son will be remembered in a more positive light, motivating the whole school to rally around this sweet, deep, emotional, totally fabricated memory of the kid. It's easy to believe if you went to high school and had anyone die. Yes it's sad when something bad happens to someone so young but high schoolers really grab onto it, we don't know what else to do but obsess and act like it means SO MUCH to us, even if it doesn't. You know? Suddenly everyone was her friend, everyone remembers him as being perfect.

Robin William's character is so completely miserable it was the only sort of movie I could watch on a day when I had food poisoning, because I was also so completely miserable. Ever been so sick that you're on the couch wondering how the people on TV are just walking around being happy? It was like that.

The end of the movie is surprisingly good and really says a lot about how good your life is when you're true to yourself, but to make it to that part you have to get through this whole dark awful plotline, so good luck.

Anyway after being down and out yesterday, today I was back at work. I came in a little late so I could shut my alarm off, get plenty of rest, and be sure I was making the right decision. Honestly it was a little easier to relax and drink water at my office, where there wasn't a toddler who's obsessed with cup-grabbing trying to sabotage me. So tonight I feel really good.
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