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abortions save lives. TRUST WOMEN.

If you haven't already, you need to read the karnythia abortion story:

Basically, her troubled pregnancy lead to a placental abruption at 20 weeks. She managed to get to a hospital with the hope that they'd stop her from bleeding to death, but her fetus was still alive and the doctor there "didn't do abortions, ever". A nurse at the hospital risked her job by calling an another doctor, who rushed the bleeding woman into surgery so that she could live and her other two children wouldn't be left motherless. And yes this resulted in the death of the already dying fetus because 20 weeks is nowhere near viability.

But it gets worse... I read the story hoping that the first crazy flake doctor and a few awful medical students were just crazy flakes, but the she is quickly told by a cousin that the death of her fetus was not something God would have wanted. And then when she posts the story online, comments from pro-lifers basically indicate that if a woman is not not willing to die for a NON-VIABLE FETUS, she shouldn't have sex.

She needed an abortion. This should not be a debate.

But it is a debate, because we live in a country where every abortion is a debate, where there's a whole side that doesn't believe abortions are something a woman needs. Well fuck people, they aren't something we want! The pro-choice movement is at the front of the fight asking for access to contraception, improving sex-ed, lowering the incidents of violence and rape against women. These are all things that reduce unwanted pregnancies, and thereby abortions. It's obvious we don't want abortions. But they will continue to be needed.

I think about Dr. Tiller's "Trust Women" buttons. He knew abortions were serious and incredibly necessary, and once we start questioning where the "need" line is it gets pushed beyond the boundaries of what's right. That's how we get people saying, "Well were you raped? Because if you can't prove you were raped you're most likely a slut who deserves to carry an unwanted pregnancy to full term so we can drive our point home." Or "Well is your life really in danger? How many doctors agree? Will the judge agree? Will a jury agree? Was your health in danger? Why do you think mental health should count? That's not health." And there are the comments on Karnythia's story... "A good mother would die for her child. Why wouldn't you?"

I am pro-choice because I do not want to be on that questioning side. What they are doing is not right, not in Karnythia's case, not in anybody's case.
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