Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

2010 baby names

Last year I was tuned into an exciting event that happens every May: the US social security administration releases last year's most popular baby names. And the information quickly gets thrown into my favorite website for name data:, which is everything a website should be. Smooth charts, simple unnoticable ads, DATA DATA DATA. I love it.

So even though I'm not naming a baby any time soon I still found myself stalking nametrends this month because it's FUN!

2010's top girl name was Isabella once again (sigh), followed closely by Sophia which really made a huge jump from the #4 spot last year, #42 spot ten years ago! What did that? It's crazy.

Josephine shot up a bit, from #201 to #186. Maybe it's getting trendy? Still isn't even close to it's peak though, it was #21 in 1916.

For boys, top names were Jacob and Ethan and Micheal again because boy names don't change as much. Next comes Jayden which is funny because Jayden, Aiden, Brayden and all those similar names toped a recent list of Most Hated Baby Names that we were discussing over on early in the month. Aiden is losing popularity but the others are still going strong. Also on the "hated" list: naming your daughter after a virtue. But Hope, Faith, & Grace didn't really decrease much in popularity so I guess word's not out yet.

Tanking in popularity: Alexis, Taylor/Tyler, Jessica, Brianna, Kaylee. I'm not a fan of any of those so it's all good.

Random trending up name that I kinda really like: Harper. Like Harper Lee. Also Alice is nice, and coming back. Cool.
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