Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

aardvark song

So I have this text file on my desktop of things that I want to post on the internet... lj entries, half-done lj entries, facebook statuses, links. And for whatever reason, the lyrics to the aardvark song, which I think I had to post because I was singing it to Josie one day and Marc was like "there's an aardvark song?!" and I was like "you didn't know?" He's so out of it sometimes.

This is sung to the tune of Blue Danube Waltz:

It starts with an A
aardvark, aardvark
it ends with a K
aardvark, aardvark

not easy to say
aardvark, aardvark
but try anyway
aardvark, aardvark

It eats ants all day
aardvark, aardvark
At rest and at play
aardvark, aardvark

we spell it this way
with an A
a r d v a r k

Aren't you all better for knowing that?
Tags: music, psa
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