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going out to eat... what's normal?

So marc emailed me at work today to ask if we should just go out to dinner. My first impulse was to email him back and say "can't we go a week without going out?" but I held back, and hours later said "sure that sounds fine."

Since we started having a more structured meal plan we've done much better at cooking at home. Seriously, we used to go out to dinner practically every night. And when we cooked, it was totally lazy like mac & cheese. We didn't even have seven staple meals that we KNEW how to cook, I think. When the baby was born and it was tough to go out, we just did a lot of takeout.

So we're making progress. Cooking almost every night is a big deal, two years ago I would have been shocked just to cook the majority of nights.

I also feel bad telling marc "no we can't go out" because I know he really enjoys it, he makes dinner all the other days and grocery shops and I don't want my engineer cheapness to rule over everything we do. It's a tough balance. I am too cheap. Marc likes to spend too much. I sometimes feel like, as a single income family, going out should not be something we do every week. But I also feel like, as the one with the income, it's not nice of me to keep insisting that the man feed us on a shoestring budget. I am putting money in savings every month, we don't have oodles of credit card debt, the only real issue I have with our money is that we have to pay mortgage insurance on the house so I'm really trying to throw money at it so we have 20% built up in a couple years. But that's not worth living a boring life when we never go out, I think?

Hard to gage. Poll time!

how often do you eat dinner out?

every day
5-6 times a week
3-4 times a week
twice a week
once a week
1-3 times a month
less than once a month
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