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This'll sound super whiny and first-world-problemy too, but it really bothers me when I make a purchase at a store and the total is, like, $5.03, and they won't spot me the $0.03 to make even change. I'm talking to you, taco bell. Yes I'd like to find the three cents myself but sometimes I just don't have it, so when I'm sighing and asking my friends behind me in line if anyone has three cents, holding everyone up, why can't you just say "it's cool we got it"?!

And I should clarify... by "we got it" I mean "the store has it" or "the store will take care of it" or "the store doesn't care". I do not expect the cashier to dig change out of his wallet, because that takes time too.

I also got pissed off at hobby lobby last week because I was buying a zipper for $1.75 and the price tag fell off and they wouldn't believe me that it was $1.75. They called back for a price check clear in fabric at the other end of the store, and it was taking FOREVER, and people behind me in line were getting pissed off and I was arguing with the girl, "Seriously, whatever I could be cheating you on this obviously dirt cheap item is not worth all these people having to wait!" If she'd have said $2.50, I would have paid it. But she wasn't saying anything, just "I have to wait for fabric to tell me The Price." Finally I gave up and ran back there myself to get a zipper with a price on it, because clearly no one was coming to our aid, me and this girl were having a standoff to end all standoffs. And the best part... because she'd already started the transaction, she held the line up the whole time I was running back there. Now that, friends, was not my fault. That was just obviously stupid.

Target does a nice thing... if an item looks like it's less than $20 and isn't ringing up, they give their employees the right to ask us the price and if it sounds right, type it in and move on. Time is money, people.

And that concludes spacefem's grumpy fogey-sounding rant for the week.
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