Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

do I talk too much about the baby?

So sir_montag thinks I talk about my baby too much. And I figure I'll write a special entry about it, because it'll humor him, drama is a new topic :)

No just kidding. I take the accusation a little seriously because I believe in the principle of shy honesty: for everything that one person says, ten people are thinking it but afraid to say it.

And also because he wrote an interesting entry that I missed about topics that should be avoided on livejournal if you want to be interesting. Readers keep me motivated to write. Yeah, it'd be easy for me to say "it's my journal if you don't like it don't read it" but if I really felt like that, wouldn't it be easier for me to write my journal in a text file on my hard drive, and never have to risk dealing with any pesky commenters? I'd hate to look up when baby year wears down and realize the list has dwindled and I have no more geeks, pilots, or Kansans.

Then again, one could argue that I could find new ones. Not to say "you're a dime a dozen, friends" but it's not like I had to scrape around to find mommy readers, they just sort of showed up. And where'd the airplane guys come from in the first place anyway? The air, I think.

Back to sir_montag... his theory is that a blog entry will be boring if it's about:

1. Bodily functions (especially gross ones).
2. Daily minutiae.
3. Friends that your readers aren't familiar with.
4. Your children and your pets.

I dunno, y'all.

I think you can overdo bodily functions, but I kind of like learning about human health and issues people have with it. And I definitely like hearing about people's children and pets. Hell, if I've neglected any topic lately, it's probably the guinea pigs, I never had a guinea pig photo post that didn't get some "squee"-related comments. Maybe I like hearing about people's kids because that's where I am in life... my daughter will probably be doing whatever smittenbyu's daughter is doing in one month and whatever aliki's daughter is doing in two months? But as I pointed out earlier this year, even my mom friends are still geeks. It's not like my livejournal was infiltrated by breeders, we just sort of all evolved into this. It's my intersection. I am the intersection. Female geeks don't become mommy bloggers, we just add to ourselves. Right?

I'll admit that I tend to save my wisest posts for, because I think topics get more attention there, they stick around in the forum and can be discussed for weeks. On livejournal it seems like the only post that matters is the newest one. So this month when I wanted to talk about common sexist movie themes or breakdown the Network Neutrality issue, those thoughts didn't make livejournal. It probably brings down the intellect as a whole on my blog here. But blogs are for what's going on in your life, right? At least, livejournal is.
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