Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

baby conversations

Josephine has said no words yet, but babbles constantly in ways that could lead to lots of interpretations. Which leads us to conversations like this:

Marc: Today I was cutting up her banana, and she said "nanna"!

Me: Really?

Marc: Yes! And she did the sign for "milk" when I handed her a sippy cup! See watch... (does the sign for milk)

Josie: Mama!

Marc: She said mama, see?! Milk, mama! Milk, mama!

Me: Uh, I don't know babe...

Marc: Okay watch this... (comes out of the kitchen with a banana) Josie look... banana! nanna!

Josie: Mama!

In other news, the neighbor's cat has grown a bit colder towards our little family. This is the cat I wrote about last year, the one that "came with the house", and likes to hang out on our front porch. I was always fine with it, it doesn't hurt to have a cat around. I mostly just felt bad when he'd come up to me and rub on my leg, because I'm so allergic to cats I can't pet him unless I know I have time to run in and wash my hands.

Anyway, I was outside with Josie and he came up to her, and he's always been so friendly I wasn't worried. He meowed at her. She tried to grab his nose and poke his eye. He looked at me and I swear, if cats could sigh that's what he'd have done. He turned around and slowly walked away, with Josephine following closely behind, shrieking and laughing and certain that she'd made a new friend.

I don't see the cat around as much now. Last year I remember feeling bad that I couldn't pet him, I was always just walking away figuring that if I ignored him enough he'd leave me alone. Well, it turns out ignoring a cat is nowhere near as effective as having a toddler.
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