Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

my 30th

Running joke about the birthday this year was that it's my 30th. Again. I mean I kind of deserve it, last year when I (first) turned 30 I was WAY too pregnant to celebrate, and isn't 30 a good age to kind of hold at for a while anyway? I'd told Marc I wanted to call this my 30th, and on the morning of my birthday when the baby woke up he told her, "Guess what jojo? You're mama's 30 again!"

Then marc threw me a surprise birthday party! But wait that's not the crazy thing, the crazy thing is that he actually kept it a surprise. This guy sucks at surprises. And secrets. If he was kidnapped by enemy forces and taken into an interrogation room, they'd just have to look at him. When he buys me Christmas presents, he can't stop glancing at the corner where he has the box containing them, and then he starts vibrating funny, and smiling, and then he bursts and tells me everything I'm getting.

I knew something was up because he was acting, well, like Marc. I worked hard all week on not asking him too many questions about Saturday because I like surprises, and if he was planning anything I wanted to try to help him not crack. Saturday he said I needed to have my phone near me, and he cleaned the guestroom, so I knew someone was coming from out of town. My sister called me to say happy birthday and I asked "Where are you?" and she yammered around about being in Lawrence but of course she was right outside. She said we were going for pedicures. That was really fun. After my feet looked fabulous, we grabbed a cocktail across the street.

People asked if that made me suspicious but these days if Marc says, "I'll watch the baby, you get out of the house a while!" I am not asking ANY QUESTIONS. BYE.

I'd caught wind of marc cooking a dinner, so I figured maybe ms. A would be joining us, I was ready to open the door to people yelling "surprise!" But there were like 20 people there! And he'd had the meal catered, and there were presents, and A made a huge cake with a spacefem planet on it that said "Happy 30th birthday!"

It was a great party. Not huge, which left room for lots of good conversation with friends I'd been missing. We stayed up late talking about musicals we love. People ate, Josie ran around being flirty and cute, we made margaritas and drank lots of wine too. And everyone was so proud and surprised that Marc put it all together without me knowing! It was a great way to have a party at our house... I didn't know anything was going on later in the week so I couldn't stress about it, everything just happened. I was so happy!

So next year, next year I swear, I'll be my real age and we'll keep it low key! This was the thing to do for 2011 though, it was fabulous.
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