Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

sick baby

Josie was sick this week, and since she's never been sick I've been sort of stumped about it. Seriously, over the past 11 months the worst she's ever had was a runny nose. But starting late Sunday afternoon she started acting really whiny and intolerant of life in general. She was either nursing, sleeping, wimpering in my arms or sobbing if I tried to set her down.

We took her temperature and it was about 100-101 pretty reliably, and she felt really hot, so Marc took her to the doctor Monday and he said it's an ear infection. That made me a little nervous because I read that ear infections are crazy over-diagnosed in kids, and putting her on antibiotics has its own set of downsides, I read about the awful diaper rashes and you can get thrush and all sorts of messiness. But she was so pathetic looking. I got home from work Monday and just rubbed her back while she zoned out on the couch for like 30 minutes, it was awful. We'd give her ibuprofen and she'd be normal Josie for a while, playing and giggling and roaming the house, but then it would fade away, and she would fade away, you could really see it.

I talked to parents at work and encountered an odd linearity to the fever freakout threshold... first time parents I talked to were all "Yeah, when a fever gets up around 102 I always want to call someone." Second time parents don't get nervous until 104. The guy with three boys? 106! "That's when you want to run a bath for sure," he said.

To make me doubt myself even more, today Marc found two new teeth poking through her gums. So here we are on this grand 10 day course of antibiotics (!) and maybe it could have been teeth? She's been perfectly normal since yesterday but we have to keep her on the antibiotics because that's how they work.

I have too many crunchy mom friends who hate doctors, that's part of my problem, if it weren't for them I'd probably have no problem going along with whatever the doctor says. Better safe than sorry, right? Maybe it's really an ear infection, maybe it really needs drugs! I wonder if anything involves more second guessing than motherhood.
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