Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

The Graduate

Are you here for an affair?

News, news. First, I won this! Yes, I probably over-bid just a little, but I'm kind of in a hurry here. It's a router, in case you don't feel like clicking the link. Thanks for all the networking tips in yesterday's entry, they made me confident.

Second, I went to church with my family today. When we started at this church it was little and tiny, now it's freaking huge. A super-church with like 10,000 members, uhg. They're trying to raise money for the building campaign and have $26 million so far. Egad! For some reason I just didn't feel that spiritual there, it's so huge and disconnected. The coffee is really good, way better than at the little Pittsburg Church, and the sermon was excellent, but the feeling is hard to describe. They've got some little young adult groups I might jump into, I was in one last summer that was nice even if it was kinda cliquey like the rest of the church.

We sang a song today in church, "All in All", that my friend Katya taught me before she went back to Russia to marry my pen pal who now has MS. It really got me thinking about her. I have nothing else to do, I almost want to just go over and hang out in Siberia and give her a hug. I guess I should at least call first. It's just so helpless, knowing that a friend I love is going through so much and her husband who I also care a lot about is very likely going to die. It makes me grateful that my life is set up so I don't feel that helpless all the time. It's so cushioned here
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