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mother's day - can I just say I don't like it?

Now that I'm a mother, I feel like I can be more open about the fact that I don't like mothers day.

I'm on a quest to put my finger on what I don't like about it. Maybe it's that it's so homogeneous... every mother is supposed to like pink flowers, brunch, syrupy cards, and every father is supposed to like golf, tools, and plaid. Maybe it's that it's a fake holiday created by greeting card companies. Maybe it's that I don't like the idea of celebrating motherhood because I don't feel like every mother deserves to be celebrated, some of them just aren't that good at it and you shouldn't get all this credit and admiration just because you let the baby grow up in your house. Is that bad to say?

I have a wonderful mother, but I prefer to celebrate her on her birthday, because it feels more unique and makes that month into a celebration, and it's about her all-around fabulous self not just the mother aspect. Like, she was a good mother and role model because of who she was, it wasn't this sectioned off thing, I grew up with mom's paintings in the hallway and mom's college papers spread out on the kitchen table and it was influential and good.

Anyway this mother's day we're being lazy and not doing anything and I really like that. My sister was in town for our big Cinco de Mayo party, which was awesome... both seeing her, and the party. I had to crash out early because the baby wouldn't go to sleep and I was dead tired anyway so I kinda missed the end of it, but apparently there was a mega DJ dance party in the basement! There was also tons of food, and my friend ms. A made fabulous decorations and lime cupcakes and zippy brownies that I ate too many of. It was a perfect night and there was lots of sitting and talking outside. Little Josie loved clapping and shaking maracas for people, she was practically a performer, just ate up the attention. It was great and we've got to do it again.
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