Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

baby observations

Josephine's doing better with walking. So much better, in fact, that about 3-4 days ago she decided it really was the best way to travel, even with occasional stumbles, and there was no reason to crawl for anything. Then she figured even without the need to travel, it's just a fun thing to do, period. Before this she'd only walked for short distances, or if she was carrying something. But no, this week walking by itself is fun.

So she started toddling awkwardly around the house, shrieking with delight, and that's what she's been doing. All week. Just roaming the house in laps babbling and pat-pat-patting with her bare feet, pausing for very occasional meals and to sleep at night because we make her. It kinda makes me tired just watching, she's probably covered a distance that could be measured it U.S. states at this point. We used to follow closely behind but now we know if she takes off for the dining room, she'll just be around through the kitchen in 60 seconds, and it's reasonably childproofed anyway.

Last night my friend brought his daughter over, Amy, she's 2 and a half, it was HILARIOUS. Amy wanted to play with Josie's toys, Josie wanted to play with Amy, and just chased her. She seemed to be in love, it was cute, at one point she even leaned in and put her head on Amy's chest, not quite a hug because Josie doesn't really get that but a "I want to be in contact with you". Amy just kept looking at her dad like, "what's with this small grabby thing?!" and Josie just kept grinning, oblivious to the fact that Amy clearly didn't like her. All that matters is that Josie likes YOU.

At one point Amy even pushed Josie down, but it didn't matter because Josie falls so often on her own she just accepts it as a normal side effect of being on two legs, nothing malicious about it. Back to playtime!

Second thing I noticed this week about Josie: she's totally into spicy food. Apparently whenever Marc makes himself eggs with tabasco in the morning, Josie pesters him and insists on having bites. And he made chicken enchiladas this week that I had to have with a side of lettuce because they were kinda hot for me, but Jo was all about them, the kid practically downed her weight in chicken. I ate TONS of spicy food when I was pregnant, I've heard that pregnancy gives you heartburn so some women avoid spicy stuff but I really liked it for some reason, I kept going to taco places and getting medium or hot sauce, and I was always getting jalapeno burgers right up until the one that probably threw me into labor. Maybe it had an effect on her? or maybe she had an effect on me? it's so weird.
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