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looking for globes, baby activities

This will sound crazy but lately I've been in the market for a globe. I know, who buys those things right? I just think one would look good in our house. And sometimes I think of that beauty contestant who said "some kids don't have maps..." and you know, she was actually kind of accidentally right on that! When I was growing up I had a globe, and now I don't, and now I'm terrible with geography.

So anyway I guess I could just break down and get one at Target, but it seemed like the sort of thing I could get used, so I scoped out craigslist and that got me wanting a BIG globe, a FLOOR globe with a stand... but not an old one. I don't want my kid growing up thinking there's a USSR.

Do you know Wikipedia has a List of world map changes dating back to the 4th millennium BCE? The world changes all the time, it turns out! Countries change names, the break up, they unite, earthquakes wipe cities off the maps, capitals change. This is a big deal! I thought a globe would be a simple little cheap thing I could buy, I don't need ART, I just need a map on a sphere. It's getting difficult.

Off topic... Josie's made me proud the last couple days. Yesterday she was putting blocks into their big plastic jar. She's never put anything into anything, she's usually all about chaos in whatever form she can achieve it. Everything becomes undone, never redone, or done.

Then tonight I read her a couple books, but couldn't find the clifford book, it's one of our favorites. It's got Clifford the red dog visiting these barn animals and each animal has fur you can pet. Then four minutes later I turn around and Josie had found the clifford book and was reading it by herself! Well, "reading", you know... but seriously, there she was sitting on the floor turning each page, feeling the animals, turning the next page, rubbing her hand quickly across it, next page... she zoomed through it. Then reviewed a few pages for good measure. Then she tried to eat it because that's what she does with books usually. In fact I've never seen her want to do anything but eat a book, maybe that's why I was so amazed to see her with the book in her lap, opened.

I showed coworkers her easter pictures and they said the same things you all did... she's, like, a toddler now. So weird. She hasn't really gained much weight these past few months, but she's gained inches, and muscle, she's thinning out. I guess it's a good thing I didn't really name her "spacebaby". I knew this was gonna happen.
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