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kid-friendly party scale

So we're planning a party in a few weeks, and a friend asked if it'd be "kid friendly". I got to thinking about how there's a lot of gray area in that question... can you bring your kids? sure. should you bring your kids? will you have as much fun with your kids? is it good for your kids?

With that I've decided to rate events on the following scale, which I will call the Spacefem Scale of Kid-friendliness. 10 is as kid-friendly as you can get:

10: We love kids! We're renting a bouncy castle!
9: No special kid prizes, but children are definitely welcome and may even be named on invites.
8: Party is for all ages, will be held during the day to encourage happy kiddos.
7: Party is for adults, but our own kids will be there.
6: Our kids may or may not be there, but our house will be somewhat childproofed.
5: House may contain hazards & breakables, but we'll at least glare at guests who say bad words.
4: Guests will be themselves, but are typically to pretty calm and we didn't invite That One Guy who broke the coffee table last year.
3: Rowdiness is possible, alcohol may flow freely, especially as the night goes on.
2: Debauchery will be tolerated and maybe even encouraged. There will be widespread drinking
1: in the bouncy castle. Better not bring the kids.
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