Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Metrology day = my birthday = HOW'D I MISS THIS?

There's a holiday that celebrates the Metric system & international standards in general as worldwide uniformity of measurement, every year on the anniversary of the date 17 countries signed on to The Metre Convention: May 20.

MY BIRTHDAY! WTF people, all this time I thought I was just cool because I have the same birthday as Cher, now I find out it's World Metrology Day! This is huge... there are events & celebrations all over the world for this! Right here in the US, there's totally going to be a symposium at the University of Maryland this year on "Redefining the Kilogram and Avogadro's Number"!

Everyone needs to know about this holiday, I am sad and embarrassed that it took me this long to hear about it. I am going to make its publicity my personal quest. I am going to improve its wikipedia article. I am going to tell all my friends. I am going to be really annoying about it.
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