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my NPR + @KMUW plug

So I got my public radio pledge before lunch Thursday, which is nice because then pledge drive feels like a party you're in on rather than a week-long guilt trip, am I right?

Our station here has something called "day sponsorship" where for $225 they'll mention throughout the day that you're sponsoring KMUW in honor of your wedding anniversary or to wish someone a happy birthday. Sometimes it's random... someone sponsored 3/14 in honor of pi day, for instance.

I don't know if I'm 13 years old or what but when I saw the day sponsorship option on the online form all I could think of was how I'd want to day sponsor for all the wrong reasons, just so see if I could get them to say something on the radio like "The parents of John Arhea want to wish him a happy graduation." Or I'd want all my coworkers to hear on the radio, "Spacefem wishes herself a happy birthday today because she's AWESOME."

I know I'm not alone, because I asked Marc if we should be day sponsors and he just said, "Can we do it for CHEWBACCA?"

So I stuck with just getting a coffee mug.

Anyway... support public radio! For these reasons:

  1. They've had the wisdom to screen out immature people like me from day sponsorship all these years
  2. Wonderful news programs
  3. Science Friday!
  4. This American Life
  5. Diane Rehm really does completely kick ass (I chose this as my #1 reason when I pledged)
  6. Eleanor Beardsley sounds really cool when she flips into french mode

Oh and locally speaking, KMUW is a great station because:
  1. I'll admit it, I have a girl crush on local producer Carla Eckels for her amazing voice.
  2. We have oddly good local movie reviews from Jim Erickson... like too good to be local, plus he talks about whatever random old movies you can see around town which I love.
  3. They gave Richard Crowson something to do.

Yay for our station:
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