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sexism for toddlers

So we have a book called "Teddy Time". It's very cute, it has a clock with hands that you turn and every page goes to a new time for you with something that Betty, the star of the show, is doing. Except for one page. See if you can find it.

Here's the gist of each page:

7:00 - Betty wakes up
8:00 - Betty eats breakfast
9:00 - Betty goes to school
10:00 - Betty plays with her friend Jim
11:00 - Jim does math
12:00 - Betty & Jim eat lunch
1:00 - Betty reads
2:00 - Betty paints
3:00 - Betty & Jim go home
4:00 - Betty rides her bike
5:00 - Betty & Jim eat dinner
6:00 - Betty takes a bath
7:00 - Betty goes to bed
8:00 - Betty is asleep

Does anyone see a weird pattern here? Is it just me? Am I on feminist crack or something, am I the only one who sees a problem with this? There are 14 hours of the day. 9 scenes feature only Betty, 4 have Betty & Jim, and one has Jim by himself... and it happens to be the math one. What, Jim couldn't take over painting? Seriously? And why does Betty have to take a page off at all, this is clearly her story, she couldn't hang out and do math too?

Killing me here people. First it was bad science with Baby Einstein, now it's gender roles inflicted on teddy bears, WHO IS WRITING KIDS BOOKS?!

I'll just fake it with this book, you can hardly tell the difference between Betty and Jim anyway. When I read it to my daughter, Betty's going to be the one doing the math. I just couldn't believe what I was reading today, I got to page 5 and started flipping forward thinking, "Surely they wouldn't have Jim's only page be the one where he steps in and does the math alone? Surely?!" Nope, that's what it is. WTF.
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