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I hate GoDaddy. Plus now their CEO kills elephants?!

Go Daddy CEO Defends Elephant-Shooting Video

Story is everywhere, I found a quick short link that wasn't too graphic or offensive (any more than the story already is). There's also a reuters story.

PETA says it's canceling its GoDaddy account after the company CEO posted a photo of himself smiling over a slain elephant, along with video of him shooting and killing it. I added the video to my list of reasons why I REALLY HATE GODADDY... oh but trust me I already had a list. Is it just me? The whole notion of this company just boils me, I remember seeing their superbowl ads years ago and thinking "Seriously, that's your plan? You think you can be successful doing a mundane thing like domain name registration if you just plaster your logo on women's breasts? You think people will use a company with such an unprofessional name? You think, in this decade, women's bodies are can still be objectified like this and nobody will call you out?"

Well I was wrong, apparently you can be a household name providing a service that millions of companies provide. You don't have to be the cheapest, friendliest or most professional, just embrace the patriarchy. I hear people all the time talk about GoDaddy like they're the only place to register a domain name, I've even had to stop progressive non-profit organizations from doing it when they just didn't think to go looking somewhere else, all the time thinking, "Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!"

And along with this awful news, I also had to scratch my head and wonder why the fuck PETA has a GoDaddy account to cancel to begin with!

Domain name registration! Why does domain name registration have to be like this?

I'm angry so I hope this all sounds coherent. I realize this is an animal rights story, but every time I hear GoDaddy it makes me wonder why the world is the way it is so here I am. And the story supports the idea that there's a lot of crossover between people who don't care about animals and people who don't care about women... worthless jerks on all levels.

Oh and does anyone believe that he killed the elephant out of the goodness of his heart to help "impoverished African villagers"? Come on.

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