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my so-called life

I've been watching "My So-Called Life" on Netflix. It's so bad. I blame Ms. A for mentioning it, and then I saw it on watch now and just got sucked right in. Now when I have a hard day at work I just want to come home, flop down on my bed and listen to The Cranberries for an hour.

It has made me remember some of those good old fashioned awkward teenage conversations I had with parents though. Like the, "Could you PLEASE make up your mind about whether I could go do this thing I want to do without asking 1,000,000 questions only to tell me you need to think about it?!" sort of things.

Oh, and my second favorite: the understanding parent who doesn't understand, I totally had this flashback to seventh grade:

Mom: Honey tell me what's wrong, I can help out, I'll understand whatever it is.

Me: Okay, well... this girl Tammy is mad because her boyfriend would rather sit by me on the bus. And she's acting like it's my fault and she's mad at me.

Mom: Her boyfriend?

Me: Yeah. His name's Cory. They're going together.

Mom: Going together? You're 13, where could they possibly be going? Are they dating, like are kids your age actually going on dates?

Me: Well no, I mean, they don't go anywhere. They're just... together.

Mom: Like, good friends?

Me: Yeah, okay, they're good friends.

Mom: Well then it doesn't matter, because you're their friend too and friends always sit by each other on the bus!


Me: Yeah. thanks mom.
Tags: childhood
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