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house dreams

It's been over a year now since we closed on this house, and I still have weird recurring dreams about real estate.

I dream about being in other cities, like Kansas City, and realizing we've still got a house in Wichita and freaking out because we forgot to do something with it!

I had a dream about being in Atlanta and living in this tiny two-bedroom cookie-cutter house because we couldn't afford anything cool in that city, we could only afford a cool house in Wichita, and I was so sad in that dream that we had to give up our cool house.

I dreamed the other night that we'd put an offer down on this huge spooky house around the corner, just on a whim, it was a great deal. Then I panicked, again.

I dream that there are sections of our house we haven't discovered... big parts we haven't gotten around to having furniture in yet.

I still love our house. I'm used to it now. Marc and I (and only Marc and I) know the quietest way to get up the ultra-creeky stairs. I know how the faucets work... they're all the kind where there are two knobs, one for hot and one for cold. Some of the faucets, both sides turn clockwise. Some of the faucets, they both turn in towards each other. Isn't that great?

We use the dining room now, we actually eat at the table. The baby knows how to get up and down the one-step platform thing in the kitchen. I love this time of year, when we can open some windows and the cross-breezes are amazing. There are more curtains up. My craft room looks awesome, I keep meaning to post pictures of it but every time I get it organized I get some project going, or I get lazy and let the baby entertain herself by pulling fabric out of the shelves.

It's a good house. The dreams make me wonder when I'll be over the complex I got trying to be a homeowner.
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