Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

bicycling advice

Note to cyclists: if a street is one-way, you're supposed to go that one way. It's not just for cars. It's not just a pretty sign. Oh yeah and stop signs apply to bikes too.

I just saw a teenager almost get creamed on the way home from work today because a car was turning right onto a one-way street, so the driver was looking to her left to see the cars coming at her, and when there was a break in the cars she started to turn. And she just about took out the bike screaming along the other way... not on a sidewalk, not going with traffic, just going fast and directly at her car. Great idea!

I realize no one in Wichita is really big on driving skills or road signs or formalities like that, but I figured any way I could get the word out would help.
Tags: cars
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