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A few months ago I throttled back the bandwidth order on to save myself $10 a month. I've been using a lot less bandwidth, and I figured it wasn't going to randomly increase because I never have time to put anything new out there. Then I got that silly moon meme idea, and darn my luck, it's a hit! 3835 page views in four days. Silly me, I should learn to never say never. I see a bandwidth increase in my future.

And I should know better than to say I don't have time to write scripts. Spacefem's first law of time relativity: people have time for the things they want to have time for. I've never believed people who said they were "too busy" for X activity or task. If you don't call up your friend to hang out, it's not because you were too busy, it's because it just wasn't a priority. We make time, it magically comes out of the woodwork, when we're passionate or inspired about things.

I look back at 2005 when I was working overtime, taking night classes, and working 20 hours a week on that campaign. I left my apartment at 5 or 6 am and got back at 10 and night and felt great. Did I have time? Screw it, no. But I was living!

And now I write scripts in 10 minute intervals, right after the baby falls asleep but right before I pass out myself from exhaustion. That's enough time to do some big things.

This moon thing has also reminded me that I'm bad at predicting whether quizzes will be popular. To this day I'm so proud of my Are you a psychic? quiz because the algorithm is cool... you literally imagine the random internet person who took the quiz and see if you guess things right about them. Nobody ever took that quiz. It gets about 200 views a month.

Then there was What color is your rainbow, which I made because I was scraping for leftovers after the HTML color quiz (which was legitimately creative). The rainbow quiz gets 4000 views a month. It's so much lamer than the psychic one. Go figure.

It's nice to feel like the website/quiz writing thing hasn't left me though. I may be a busy working new mom, I still got something here. Hells yeah.
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