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the simple weekly meal plan menu

This will sound dorky and way too domestic, but Marc and I have been doing a weekly meal planning sort of thing lately and it's really helped. We realized long ago that if we sit down and plan food for the week, it keeps us from going out. Going out is unhealthy and expensive. Also, I hate being home in the evening and having to think about what we eat for dinner, I hate running to the store after work, etc.

But we rarely had the patience to make plans like that on Sunday night. So our new strategy is to eat the same things every week. We've been doing this for almost a month and it's going great. Here's what our week looks like now:

Seafood Sunday: Usually baked tilapia or salmon.
Chicken Monday: Baked chicken breasts with fruit or tomatoes or onions
Taco Tuesday: Generic "mexican food" ingredients, format may vary
Spaghetti Wednesday: Some kind of noodles, some kind of sauce
Pork Thursday: Tenderloin or pork chops or ham
Fish Friday: Looks a lot like Sunday.
Squash Saturday: Squash in pasta, squash with tomatoes and corn, breaded squash... we're just big fans of squash.

And there are the corresponding foods the baby eats along with us. We make a lot of frozen veggies and she's good with those these days. She likes taco night when she eats black beans, diced tomatoes and ground beef. Oh, and she loves her sweet potatoes, we bake those a lot on fish night.

Fish Friday is kinda Catholic-sounding I realize, but really we just like that they both start with F, fish is healthy, and what if the Catholics are right about this and God really does love us to eat fish on Fridays? It can't hurt.

I think when the weather gets warmer this should translate over pretty easily from a lot of baked dishes to a lot of grilled dishes. Squash saturday might turn into sandwich saturday or salad saturday, because most of our squash dishes involve baking or boiling or something like that.

I realize the menu isn't terribly creative but my goal here is not to make us into chefs. I just don't want to be hungry, and I want food to be there without having to think about it. Sometimes we do a leftover night, sometimes we eat out, but we never PLAN on eating out, that's the big thing.

I will take suggestions or recipes if you've got them though, especially if the recipe is "put this one thing on this kind of meat and throw it in the oven" because that's seriously usually all we can handle.
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