Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

baby - 9 months

Princess fuzzyhead turns nine months old this week:

She's a crazy child. It's actually really hard to get a photo of her now, hence the lack of photos in the lj recently. I get the camera out, I point it, she zooms the other way!

Last weekend she learned how to wave at people. Marc and I spent way too much time waving back at her because we got a huge kick out of it.

We discovered this talent after a morning at the annual engineering expo that SWE puts on to teach kids about science & engineering... it's aimed at kids in grades K-8, but I had Marc bring Jo because she's very advanced.

She's gotten really good at cruising counterclockwise around the coffee table. She cannot go the other way. If you put an object around the corner to her left, she stares at it, sighs, and starts on the long way around.

Ladies in my babycenter June 2010 group are talking about planning one-year birthday parties already. I'm not ready. Well, plus I know we're not throwing an inaugural ball for Jo's birthday, maybe that's why I'm not as inspired as some of them. But it's been the better part of a year, she wears size 12 month clothes, the weather's getting warmer. It makes me think of spring. Have I ever mentioned how I hate the month of February, and am never really sure how I come out of it without sinking into a major winter depression that I can't get out of? It's true. No offense to those of you with birthdays in it, but February is the pits.

Speaking of the past, there's a mirror in our entryway that I remember from this time last year, because I had to use it to see my feet, I was getting to be that pregnant. I can't see my feet in it anymore because it's always covered in fingerprints and baby slime... kind of ironic, yes?
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