Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

mnemonic generator

People get to in odd ways.

Most of them find us through a forum topic. They search for something random, we've talked about it, they show up on spacefem.

The second most popular page is the mnemonic generator. This is a fairly recent thing... the script is years old, but over time I've managed to corner the market in mnemonic device generation. Most related searches lead to spacefem. It's a very good script, if I do say so myself, it's the only one that creates grammatically correct sentences and lets you type in a word OR phrase. I'm proud of it.

Lately I've started saving the phrases people type in because I'm really curious about why so many people need mnemonics. When I wrote the thing I thought people would type in their names to make funny acrostic poems, but that's not really all that common it turns out.

People are trying to remember things. All kinds of things. I play a game with myself, I look at the phrases and try to guess what they are. Sometimes it's things I recognize, like resistor color codes, the order of wires in an ethernet plug, heavy metals from the periodic table of elements.

Other times I have to google it. I couldn't recognize the countries that make up the baltic states, for example, or byproducts from petroleum manufacturing. There's a lot of medical stuff too. Someone today typed in a lot of names of arteries, I never could figure out the association. Often it's bones in some part of the body.

Am I being a bad information-harvesting, privacy invading website by saving these phrases to a database? I'm not storing IP addresses or forcing cookies onto people, I just want to know what they're putting into my form. I'm really interested in it.

Should I do something with these random phrases someday? Publish the mnemonics that the people came up with, to help someone else remember parts of shoulder joints or planets of the solar system?
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