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RIP mouse.

It's 6:30 am, I've already had my shower. Marc is asleep. The baby is asleep. OMG what do I do?! I can blog live instead of writing up entries on the weekend to post... this is so weird.

It's been a good week. We caught a mouse! Or I should say, Marc caught a mouse, I've had nothing to do with baiting traps every night. For the last two weeks our house has been a peanut butter treat buffet for rodents or something... little critters were licking the bait off every trap we'd set. The Marc tried wedging cheerios in the peanut butter. Still no luck, they could pull those out too. WTF.

FINALLY one evening we found a dead mouse in a trap. Sorry for you mice-loving friends, the live capture traps did not work, by this week we had about four different types because we were willing to use whatever it took. In the end the good old-fashioned snap trap caught us a mouse. Cry not for him, he died quickly. I think live traps are, in a way, kinda inhumane... scaring the crap off the poor little things for hours, waiting to be discovered. Glue traps are even worse. So we saved this guy the despair of having to contemplate his future. Also, he was a shifty little fucker who had it coming after pooping all over our house and eating peanut butter all week, being dirty, probably inviting his mouse friends in to hang.

In case you were wondering, this is the primary reasons why I am okay with one kind of rodent (my adorable guinea pigs) and not the other (shitty mice). The guinea pigs are contained. They are all male. They will not make more guinea pigs. They will not take over the house. If you've ever lived in a house with mice you know that they can take over... like at my roommate's, where there was no safe shelf to even store a bag of pasta for a night. I've played with hamsters, gerbils, even have a girlfriend who swears a rat is the coolest pet she's ever had. Pets are fine. The mice in our house are not pets.

I believe that if you see one mouse you've got MICE, but our re-baited traps haven't been licked off since we caught the one the other night, so maybe it was a warning for all of them.
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