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do summer babies walk later?

A friend told us that since Jo's starting to cruise around the coffee table, we might help her out by taking her socks off. Turns out it's a lot easier to navigate the ground under your feet when you can feel the ground under your feet. And I've seen the difference... when Josie is sockless, her little toes grip and spread out and move and she's much more stable.

The problem is that it's February, so we're obviously not going to let her go barefoot all the time. She was barefoot all through June-September, but since she was born in June that wasn't much of an opportunity... she was just a laying around newborn. Now she's an eight-month old, learning to be a biped like the rest of us, and she's doomed to wear socks a lot of the time because it's 10 degrees outside, 65 inside, and we're not going to freeze the baby.

It did get me thinking about the timing here. My husband's birthday is in January, and his mom said he was walking at nine months. Well, he would have been nine months old in September, having just spent the summer months with free feet. I was born in May and mom says I took a good year to start getting my first steps in. A year for that is normal, but not "early"... from what I've read baby walking is a 9-14 month thing, with some taking as long as 18 months, it's all okay and normal.

Hopefully you'll tell me I'm full of crap because if I'm on to something, well, you know how I get with survey-based quasi-research projects. But it seems to me like summer babies are at a disadvantage in the walking race because they have to wear socks right when they're ready to start exploring things on their feet. Can I get a witness?
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