Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

cinco de mayo

Every year one of my coworkers throws a cinco de mayo party. It's usually pretty bad. It's a mix of plain old picnic, drinking, racism, and whatever people throw in the quesadilla makers. Anyway the guy who throws it is moving in the spring, so they came to me and suggested that I have the party since he'll be between houses.


First, I haven't thrown a party in forever, we went from having three a year to zero. Who's fault is that? Oh yeah, the short one.

Second, I'm excited about a Cinco de Mayo party! I think I can pull off a really fun one, that makes good use of the theme, maybe has some educational value. More sophisticated. More limes, less margarita mix. Less wii games, more music. Less pace picante sauce, more mole.

I've already started checking out CDs from the library so we'll have a good playlist. They have four volumes of "NOW ESTO ES MUSICA! LATINO" and I checked out two of them so far, and I must say they're very enjoyable.

I am good at parties. It's like... my second calling. They're so much fun to put together, I love having a house full of people, I love themes. I have to get back. It's like two months away and I'm already plotting, that's how much I've missed this.
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