Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

must: (1) see star wars (2) graduate

So anyway, I took my final english project to get printed today, even thought it's due tomorrow. My professor is at a conference but she'll be back tomorrow so I figured I'd just put it in her mailbox and be done. Done! Really Done! With the whole college-degree-education deal... wow! I was just bouncing down the sidewalk.

I get up there though and her mailbox was crammed full of papers from other classes. I looked, thought about it, then decided I really didn't want to cram my pretty handbook thingy in there to be placed at the mercy of whoever else is cramming stuff in today. I'd have time to bring it tomorrow when she was actually there. I'd just do it then.

So, um, I'm not quite done.

I might get to see Star Wars today/tonight. Wish me luck! I cannot even describe how badly I want to see it, but the theater here is not worth anything and I don't like driving to Joplin (it's basically an hour drive) by myself. And my girls think I'm a total dork.

If you have seen it though, please be kind and do not torture me by commenting about how wonderful it is.

Must pack this place! Uhg! It's a mess!
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