Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

baby - 8 months

Baby Jo turned 8 months old last week.

She has two new teeth - bottom ones on either side of her first two down there. This brings our grand total up to 8.

She can: climb the stairs.

She cannot: LOOK down at where she's placing a foot, to ensure that it is centered on a flat surface.

So there's a healthy combination. I mean I guess I shouldn't say she can't look down at her feet, I'm sure she can, she just doesn't think of it. She looks up at the next step. I could probably draw some positive metaphor about the future here but the truth is she's going to brain herself on the steps someday, I can just feel it. Yes we're right behind her all the time, or we put up the baby gate so she can't get to them, but someday I feel like something bad could happen.

My friend said his daughter fell down a flight of stairs once. I was like, "All of them?" and he said "Well she probably skipped a couple." At least our steps have a landing so it's not just one straight flight. And carpet! That's like the one place in our house with carpet.

She likes banging toys together. She likes trying to crawl really fast and then staring back at me with this big grin until I say "I'm gonna get the baby!" then she squeals and crawls faster for about three feet before stopping to stare back and grin again.

She seems to be developing a preference for red things. When demolishing a bookshelf or pulling clothes out of a laundry basket or going for toys in a box, she goes for the red things first. This makes me feel kinda bad because red is the one color lacking in her blue/green/purple room.

Apparently red is one of the first colors babies strongly distinguish. It doesn't matter if they're surrounded by red things, or surrounded by strong black and white things early on, either way they learn to see. They're just drawn to different things at different ages. Who knew.
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