Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

we still have mice

damn it!

Marc saw that first mouse December 30th, we set up all these traps and never caught anything. He seriously started to wonder if it was a hallucination. There were no mouse droppings, no chewed-through bags of pasta, no sounds in the night... we figured we didn't have a mouse.

But that's not the case. Saturday we were getting ready to go to the store and I picked up my "weekend" tote bag, which had been on the dining room table since last weekend. There was a granola bar in it. I picked it up and said, "Damn, must have eaten half of this and forgotten about it" but there wasn't that much granola bar missing... and suddenly I noticed the flakes of wrapper at the bottom of my bag, and saw that the wrapper wasn't opened along the seams like I'd opened it. It was CHEWED.

I freaked out, threw the bag down, ran to wash my hands. It was so gross, just thinking about it still gives me the jiblies.

Then we found mouse droppings on the dining room table. Not in the kitchen, no, the dining room! Shit!

We're still researching how to clean this up, I want to use bleach or napalm but I'm not sure what's safe to use on wood. So we just used soap and water for now, and are wiping everything down really well every evening.

Time to re-set the traps and go back to the war.
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