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Well, today I did nothing! Come to think about it, I did nothing yesterday too. And I don't plan on doing much tomorrow. hmmm...

By "nothing", of course, I mean that I made winamp skins and updated my website. Sent e-mails about interviews and put up new interviews by crisco747 and palehorizan. I'd suggest reading both... the three whole interviews I've done so far have all turned out way more interesting than I thought they'd be. Can't seem to find my queue of e-mails from people volunteering to be interviewed though. That's a bit disturbing. Anyway, I'm still taking volunteers.

Thought about checking to see what IRC people are doing, but to be honest I'm not sure where to go. Support the whole "best way to solve issues is to abandon them" idea by hanging out in #BeOSGhetto? Go back to the dead or dying #BeOS? Screw them all and try to fit in to the #icculus phenomenon? It's confusing me. I always liked forums better anyway.

Am debating whether I should keep old college papers. I've got almost every test, note, and homework assignment from the last four years filed in a very organized way, but it takes space. I'm pretty sure I can dump the dumb gen. ed stuff like psychology and life science, but what about calculus notes? If I ever want an engineering masters I'll have to take dif. eq, in which case some careful notes on stuff I haven't seen in a long time will be very nice.

I should probably think about packing some of this stuff. It's kinda depressing though, really.

And now, Goal Notes: an update on my efforts to do things I'd like to do in life but am never able to...
  • Guitar is out of its case! But is not being played.
  • Went home with Dave and found his old C++ book. I'd sold mine back after learning nothing in that class (we got to if...then statements, I kid you not). So I stole the book and have decided to learn a real programming language when I go home. Promised Dave I was just borrowing it and I'd teach him C++ when I became a real diva with it.
  • No carpet... how am I supposed to do yoga?
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