Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

bathrooms are not for breastmilk

I just want to make a public service announcement, for the good of the world.

I want as many people as possible to know something: you can't do anything related to breastmilk in a bathroom. You can't pump, you can't feed a baby. Just accept it.

There was an article in the Wichita Eagle last weekend, the comments hurt my brain, I just want to lay this info out there. Plus, nearly every woman who has to find a place to pump at work has to explain to somebody why a bathroom won't work, and I figure everyone who reads this is one less person who will ask her that question.

Yes breastmilk is a bodily fluid, and some bodily fluids belong in bathrooms.

But it's also a food. It's somebody's lunch. Nobody likes to prepare meals in bathrooms, it's not sanitary.

It's also something not everyone can create. It requires technology, or an infant, to get out. Holding a 15-pound infant up against your chest is for 20 minutes is difficult if you don't have a chair where you can lean against the back. Staging bottles and equipment for a breastpump is difficult if you don't have a table to set things on. You also need a power outlet. Pumps make noise, and if you're anxious about people wondering what the hell you're doing in the next stall no milk will come out.

I hope that was a concise enough explanation of why bathrooms are a logistically unsuitable place for anything involving lactation. I could go on, there are lots more reasons, but I want to just get to the point. People who have breastfed have a much different understanding of it than people who haven't, there's a huge divide in the knowledge there and huge divides lead to either snarkiness or long-winded ranting, both of which stem from frustration. I just want to be heard.
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